How can I purchase Made In Trust denim?

At the beginning of our journey we focus on the products and not on a independent online shop. But to place an order is very easy. Please follow our links to our Kickstarter campaign. There you find the jeans for the Early Bird price. Choose your reward and back us. It’s nothing else than to place an pre-order. 

How do I get  a MIT jeans at Kickstarter?

1. Click the green “Back this project” button. 
2. Select the Individual Reward you want. Note that the currency of our Kickstarter project is Euro (€). Exchange rate is roughly 1 € =1,2312 $. 
3. Select your shipping destination and click “Continue”. 
4. You’ll be asked to enter payment details. 
5. Click “Pledge” 
You’re done! 
Your card won’t be charged until the end date of our campaign.
You will select the the jeans you want and confirm your shipping details after April xx.

Why do you offer only a pre-order system for your products?

We’re small brand and we decided to cut out the middlemen and sell directly to the consumer. So to plan the production savely, to save natural resources and surely to keep the costs low and give the savings to you, it is a very useful system. Benefit for you, the environment and for us.

 Where does Made In Trust ship?

We do ship worldwide.

How much does shipping cost?

For the time of the Kickstarter campaign we offer free shipping worldwide.

When will I get my jeans?

You can see all details on the production schedule at Kickstarter. Further we keep all backers up to date during the production process. All backers will be informed with our special column “Production News” 

Where do I put my shipping address?

After our campaign ends on May 30th we’ll send you an email and ask you to confirm your jeans selection and shipping information.

I still need help?

Yes! Please do not hesitate and send us an email to madeintrustdenim@gmail.com with your issue. We’ll answer your question asap.

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