Wearing & Caring

There are many tips and guides on how to break in raw denim best and get the most impressive fading results. But there is no right or wrong. What matters is the personal taste. We like a rough used look. For that you have to wear the jeans all day every day before you wash them. We recommend to wear the jeans for 6 til 9 months before they get in touch with the cold blue for the first time.

If you’ve decided to give your buddy a refresh turn the jeans inside out and wash them cold at 30 degrees and hang them on a leash to dry. That’s it. If you want the jeans to bleed a bit more just wash them at 40 til 60 degrees. Our recommendation: Do not think too much about your denim just wear it. An impressive result does happen automatically. If you like it simple and clean it is not forbidden to wash the jeans as many times as you like. But remember the less you wash the pant the longer they last and the less water is used. The environment and the jeans will thank you.

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