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Jeans are sturdy and durable. They are heavily used. That’s what they are made for. No matter the quality of the jeans it will get a hole or a crack after a while. Nothing to worry about. Your jeans need only a little care. The sooner the crack will be repaired the more time you can spend with your buddy.

In this case we will gladly help you and repair your jeans. The first repair is free of charge. The repair takes about 7-10 days. (The repair service is only offered for Made In Trust Jeans.)

For repair inquiries please contact us by mail. Please do not send us any garments without contacting us in advance. The previous personal contact ensures a fast and satisfying service. Please send your inquiry to:

E-Mail: help@madeintrust.com

We ask you to wash your jeans before sending them for repair. Unwashed garments will be returned immediately and without service. Please add name, address, email to your package and of course do not forget what should be repaired.

We still have to point out that unfortunately we do not assume any liability for lost package. For your own safety we recommend choosing a shipping service that includes shipment tracking and insurance. All fees for shipping account for you.

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