A Total Package

Creating a significant garment is our challenge. An essential basic for every day wear that becomes the “Best Buddy”. But what makes a garment convincing? A “total package of honest quality”. The combination of finest fabrics, sustainable design and a fair and responsible production.

What about the price? By cutting out the middlemen and selling directly to you we’re able to offer high quality products for whole sale prices.

Finest Fabrics

Obsessed By Good Stuff

Handpicked quality fabrics always constitute the solid foundation of our jeans and define Made In Trust elementary. For the first production run we use Candiani Raw Selvedge Denim. 100% organic cotton. Better denim fabrics than most premium denim brands used for their jeans.

Timeless Design

"Ignore Trends. Dress Timeless."

We believe in sophisticated purism. Instead of chasing the fleeting trends of fashion we want to focus on timeless products. Our products let the materials speak for themselves. You won’t find any unnecessary complications or flashy logos. 

Sustainability & Fairness

Our Blues Are Always Green

Sustainability starts with the development of a timeless and durable product. Sustainability is not a short-termed trend. It reflects the awareness of the current zeitgeist. Ecological materials, eco-friendly manufacturing, fair working conditions and fair wages are fundamental criteria in the production of our textiles. This is what we do so far:

  • creating timeless designs & durable constructions
  • using superior fabrics made of 100% organic cotton.
  • choosing denim fabrics made by Candiani. (“The greenest mill in the blue world”)
  •  using only raw denim. No fancy washings or finishes for our jeans. We save water and chemicals and minimize the ecological footprint.
  • using a preorder system for small quality batches to avoid overproduction.
  • keeping the supply chain as short as possible. Our suppliers and craftsmen are located in the European Union.
  • working with manufactures and suppliers who share our values of fair working conditions and fair wages.

Pay The Product

Without The Luxury Mark-Up

We use premium denim and work closely together with well-experienced denim craftsmen. However, unlike traditional premium denim brands, we do not artificially inflate our prices. We sell our products for wholesale prices directly to you.

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